Home ACs ONRR COLLECTIONS Constant Voltage Transformer CVT 500 VA (Light Grey)

ONRR COLLECTIONS Constant Voltage Transformer CVT 500 VA (Light Grey)


Price: ₹7,700.00 - ₹7,000.00
(as of Aug 10,2022 12:29:38 UTC – Details)

CVT SPECIFICATIONS : Input Voltage : 180-260, at rated load Output Voltage : 220/230V+/-1% Frequency : 50Hz+/-1% Response Time : 30 milliseconds Efficiency : 90% (app) under full load condition Output wave form : Sinusoidal Wave form distortion : less than 4% under full load condition. Load Power Factor : 0.75% lag to 0.9% lead Ambient Temp. : -5o to 50o c Effect of line frequency : 1.5% (app) change in output voltage for every 1% change in line frequency RECOMMENDATIONS: Place the CVT away from equipment and all magnetic display and storage devices like diskettes, monitors, tapes etc. It is safer to connect CVT to mains supply through a 3 Pin socket ensuring thereby the availibility of proper ‘Earth’ connection. Switch ON the CVT first then the attached peripherals and while switching OFF, switch OFF attached peripheerals first and then the CVT. In case of supply from a generator, check frequency, CVT is not be used if frequency variation is beyond 50 +/-1Hz. Switch OFF the CVT when not in use. Not to be used for high inductive LOADS like motors. SALIENT FEATURES: High reliability as no semi conductors/moving parts used. Provide relatively sine wave output irrespective of quality of input wave shape. Instantaneous voltage regulation. Output highly isolated from mains for suppression of transients & spikes. Short-term over LOAD capacity. Intrinsic current limiting & short circuit protection. Higher input voltage control range for LOADS less than rated load.
500 va

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